The Best Easter Crafts For Kids: Tips And Tricks For A Fantastic Holiday

When spring rolls around, kids start to get excited for Easter, and for good reason. Easter is a time for family, celebrations, and fun, with egg dyeing, chocolate, and hunting for the best eggs with their friends. It’s also a great time for crafts, and there are tons of great ideas for kids of all ages and abilities; the key is making sure you have the right materials for the job.

There are also some great hacks when it comes to making cool crafts that your kids will enjoy, from using a certain kind of egg for a brighter dye job to using muffin tins to keep the eggs in place during decorating. Knowing these tips and tricks will help you and your family create some gorgeous Easter crafts and have fun while doing it.

Here are a few of the best tips for crafts that will have your kids excited for Easter.

Create a hobby area

Craft time can be messy, especially if you have younger kids, so consider creating a hobby room or area where they can be themselves without worrying about staying neat. For Easter crafts--which often involve water, vinegar, dye, and/or glitter--place plastic tablecloths on the floor, pick up some inexpensive art aprons at the local dollar store, and let your kids go to town. If you have a spare room to devote to art time, you can make it a part-time office for yourself, or create an area where you can wrap gifts and keep all your supplies neat and organized.

Use unexpected materials

There’s no law that says you have to use vinegar and store-bought dye kits to color your eggs; there are some really great hacks you can use to make your colored eggs pop this year, such as using whipped cream to give them a marbled look, or staining them with Kool-Aid. You can also use brown eggs to get a deeper, richer color from the dye.

Reuse decorations

With so many people looking to be more eco-friendly these days, it’s no surprise that reusing old decorations is a popular way to get crafty during the holidays. If you have crepe-paper pom-poms or paper lanterns leftover from a birthday party or baby shower, recycle them into Easter bunny decorations. Encourage your kids to think of new ways to use old items.

Make it age-appropriate

Craft time is the most fun for kids when the project is age-appropriate, so look online for ideas on how to find the right way for your child to express himself. There are many different projects that vary in range for all different skill levels, such as paper-plate bunnies or a lamb made out of cotton balls for little ones and using a silk necktie to dye eggs with a beautiful pattern.

Think outside the box (of chocolate)

Easter is usually synonymous with candy and sugar but that can be a bad combination. Give your kids a little something different this year by filling plastic eggs with various non-chocolate items, such as coins or slime. Check out this article for more ideas. This is a great project for young people, as they can fill the eggs and then create an egg-hunt at church or for a family activity. If you’re using plastic eggs, you might also like to incorporate a few fun decorating ideas, such as knitting a yarn lace cover, to spice up your egg hunt.

The best Easter crafts are the ones you can do as a family, so look for ideas that everyone can enjoy. Talk to your kids about the holiday and what it means to you, and encourage them to come up with some craft ideas of their own. Getting creative together will help strengthen your bond as you enjoy this holiday with one another.

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