Cleaning House, Patternwise!

The cooler weather is finally starting to arrive. As the seasons change, I have embarked on a bit, really quite a bit, of pattern clean up and organization. I have been writing and publishing patterns for 10 years! Much of that time, I was designing as a hobby rather than as a business. That is changing now, so this is a bit of out with the old and in with the new.

My website now only contains well tested and edited patterns. If the patterns are older patterns, they have stood the test of time, and are still popular. Many have already been reformatted and edited, and those that haven't been reformatted will go through that process very soon.

All of my patterns are on Ravelry. Once a pattern is on Ravelry, it stays on Ravelry, and there isn't really any getting around that. My older patterns, while still on Ravelry, are not offered for sale there. Those patterns are now on Ravelry as published by CBK on Patternfish, and are for sale on Patternfish. If you aren't familiar with Patternfish, it is a website that sells patterns, some of which are new patterns, but many of which are older or discontinued pattern.

Current patterns are available on my website, Ravelry, Craftsy, and Love Knitting. Whew! I am not quite done, but almost. That is a lot of sorting, clicking, copying, and pasting! Just like when I clean out at home, it really feels good to lighten up a bit, or quite a bit.

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