Are you Ready for Brioche?

I have been enamoured by brioche lately, which is funny because 10 years ago, I tried to learn it, but gave up. It seemed to be just like ribbing only harder and more confusing. I guess I just wasn't in the right place for brioche at that point in time, but I am certainly in brioche mode now.

I used brioche in 2 patterns in my Craft Beer Collection, Try a Flight and the Mac Wrap Cardi.

The Try a Flight Cowl is inspired by a flight of craft beers. You get small glasses of 4 or 5 varieties, so you can figure out what you like and what you don't like. Maybe you like them all!

In the cowl there are sections that use all of the various stitch patterns that are used in the entire Craft Beer Collection, with the exception of stockinette stitch! You get the various lace patterns, the I-cord join, and 2 small sections of 2 color brioche.

Brioche seems to be easiest to learn when you are using 2 colors, as that helps the knitter distinguish between the rows/rounds and between the brk and brp.

I also used brioche is the skirting at the bottom of the Mac Wrap Cardi. It brings a nice detail to an otherwise basic wrap cardigan. The cardigan and the skirting are worked separately and are then joined with an i-cord join.

Give brioche a try, but be careful, as I have found it to be addictive. If you try it and don't like it, come back and try it again in a few years. One of my students told me it was driving her to drink! She put brioche aside for a while..... and that is fine!

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