Furthering my Education

I have done it. I am beginning my journey to become a TKGA Master Hand Knitter. This is the second time that I have started the program. The first attempt was quite a few years ago, and now that I am starting again, I can see that I really wasn't ready for the program the first time around. I am ready now. Ready to work on my skills in my knitting execution, my writing, my design skills, and my ability to pass these skills on to others.

The program is divided into 3 levels. I am starting level 1, and I have 12 months to complete the level. I really hope that it won't take me that long, but it might. The level 1 requirements include working 18 swatches, each one focusing on a different knitting skill as well as tension, blocking, understanding how to read the knitting, and how to execute the stitches so that they are correct and consistent in the various stitch patterns. Other skills, like measuring gauge and weaving in ends are also addressed. Lastly, well really first, there is a require report on blocking. Reference materials and a bibliography are required.

Though I have been knitting for a long time, I know I will learn things along the way, and will increase my understanding of why things work the way they do. I will learn what I can do keep my tension more consistent while switching stitch patterns. I will re-learn how to document a report with references. I am going to work on the report first, not only because that is what the instructions call for, but also because I know that is the part that I would naturally put off! Do the part that seems most difficult first, and the rest should be easy. Maybe not easy, but it is knitting, and that is something that I love to do.

If you are interested in this program, you can find more information on the TKGA website. There is a nominal cost for the program with mainly covers postage for the reviewers to receive and return submitted materials. I have been warned that it is common that portions of the submission are returned to be redone until they are acceptable. Critiques are included, not to judge, but to help the participant understand what they need to adjust and improve upon. All of the reviewers are volunteers and have completed the program themselves.

Check out the TKGA Master Hand Knitting Program. Even if it is not for you right now, it may be something you want to participate in the future

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